We are super excited to start our music program back again this year but we have made a few changes and added a few new faces. We are calling it “Turn it up Tuesday.”  Pretty catchy, right? It’s still free music classes that will be offered every Tuesday of each month. Where you ask?  Well that’s a great question.  It will be in our new location called ArtLink Studio at 117b Strawberry Alley.  If you haven’t checked it out, make sure you stop by.   We are very grateful that we are able to offer you these classes but we do ask that you register in advance so that we are able to be properly prepared.

Register in the link below: Turn it up Tuesday Registration

Want to meet the awesome Music Crew? Of course you do! Scroll down to meet Cameron, Romero & Jordan:

  Hi Clarksville, my name is Cameron Clark and I’m a former Army medic who fell in love with our fair city and decided to stay and raise my family here. I started bringing my daughter to ArtLink’s “Turn It Up Tuesday” in late spring of 2019 and after deciding to stay and help with guitar instruction in her class, I was invited to join them as an instructor. The folks here at ArtLink are a fun bunch and I think you’ll like it here as much as I do. I absolutely LOVE learning, making and sharing music and enjoy few things more than spending my time wearing out guitar strings. If you love music as much as I do and want to learn to play the guitar, sign up for our music class and we’ll have fun together learning this popular, fun and amazingly versatile instrument. I’m excited to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you and hope you come out and join us to grow as a musician!


Romero Clements is a lyricist and pianist, born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee.  He is passionate about music, and excited for the opportunity to share that passion through ArtLink.  He hopes to be able to provide an environment and opportunities for others to nurture their own love for music.


Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Creel and I am a 17 year old High School Student (junior). Through ArtLink, I will be teaching songwriting and music business during our Turn It Up Tuesdays. I am a singer songwriter currently working with Big Matador Recording here in Clarksville, TN. Music is 100000% my passion and my goals in life are to have my own studio for teaching music along with having my own career as a songwriter.  People also say I am a loud and proud band/choir geek!  Oh yeah? I happen to know how to “tickle the ivories.”  Guitar?? Yeah.. kinda.  I can’t wait to meet you all. We are going to have a blast!